Sunday, 14 September 2014


My mother taught me to knit.  My grandmother encouraged me: pressing me to try more challenging projects; passing on tips and skills; purchasing wool, huge skeins of beautiful colours I have never seen the like of since.

I left it all behind when we came to Vanuatu.  Who would possibly want to torture themselves by sitting and knitting in this heat?

But after ten years I eventually noticed that beanies are very popular in our cooler month.  Then, remembering that one of my daughters had been given a pattern for a beanie, and having been asked for a donation for this year's Fund Raiser, I pulled out the needles, purchased the wool, and began knitting again.

I love it.  I love the process of creating something from nothing (in a manner of speaking).  I love being able to sit still and talk and not feel like I have to get up and do something.  I am doing something.  I love busy, working  fingers.

And, I feel like I'm doing something about getting ready for living in a cooler climate again.

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the beanies I made for the Fund Raiser, but here's something else I made.

The pattern on this hat and scarf is called "shark-tooth" although it, together with the gentle wave on the sides of the scarf, reminded me more of waves in the sea.  The yarn was 100% Australian Merino wool and was beautifully soft and even smelt of lanolin still.  So, for me this was a lovely blend of cultures.  

I obtained the pattern for the scarf here and modified the beanie pattern from here.  I was really pleased with the way they looked.  The only downside of the scarf pattern is that it  has a "wrong side", whereas I think scarves are better when both sides are the same and you don't need to worry about how you wear them.

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Deb said...

That's beautiful work, Rae!! :o)