Sunday, 15 June 2014

the joy of tracking parcels

Over the years, some of our parcels have come to us via exotic destinations such as Vietnam and Venezuela.  But this last one, which has been sent by courier, has to be the most well-travelled parcel ever.
It was sent from Nevada, USA on Monday 9 June and 
left California, USA the next day. 
Then it went to Leipzig, Germany and

on to London, UK on June 11. 
Then it was sent to Nairobi, Kenya arriving the following day. 
Then it was sent to Sydney, Australia,
(arriving at last in the right area of the world)
only to be sent again to London, UK, where it arrived Friday 13 June.

Stay tuned to find out where it will get sent next!


Julie Mackay said...

Oh Rach, that is hilarious! Though probably rather frustrating for you as you wait for it's arrival....
Julie xx

Chris said...

Can we have an update on the parcel status please.

Deb said...

I didn't see this post previously, but saw your recent one saying it had arrived. How ridiculous!! And to think without the internet, you'd probably never know about its adventures... :o)