Sunday, 19 January 2014

hint #2: give them the microphone

Here is my second hint on "how to host a missionary at your church". Your questions and suggestions are welcome!

There is no point, absolutely none, in having a missionary come to your church if you don't let them speak.  If you can't trust them with the microphone, then you shouldn't have them come to your church, let alone be supporting them.  The sooner they speak to your church, the more beneficial and encouraging their visit will be for everyone.  So, give them the microphone.

A formal speaking event early on in the missionary's stay with your church is really helpful. It reminds people who the missionary is and what they do.  It gives them time to think and digest and then approach the missionary with informed questions about the things they have heard that interest them.  It avoids the same repetitive and awkward introductory conversations the missionary is obliged to have. There is nothing worse than sitting down to dinner with a group of people are too frightened to say anything because of said missionary's spiritual glow *cough* *splutter* or because they've forgotten exactly what it is they do and don't want to appear ignorant.

Informal chatting is more meaningful for everyone after having heard from the missionary in a more formal setting first.

Hints on what makes a "missionary event" run well to come.... (eventually).

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