Tuesday, 28 January 2014

family holiday

We have enjoyed the slower pace of life at Talua over the summer break.  We've had a couple of short trips away with friends.  But there's nothing like some time away as a family.  Just us.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of holidays in off-season.  Even rain has its ups and downs.

Oh, you want to eat at this restaurant?  You've arranged to have a vehicle and driven all the way up the coast to visit this beautiful place in the glorious sunshine?  You're children are starving?  But the staff didn't come in today... big rain this morning.  Didn't think anyone would come.  Off-season.

Our Thursday night Buffet and Bonfire on the Beach?  And you want to kayak up the river first to the Blue Hole?  This is the family outing you've been looking forward to for months?  Ah, but our kayaks are ridiculously over-priced, and you need three as you're such a big family... and there's no bonfire tonight.  No... not the rain, it's off-season, you-know?

The children are screaming and bombing in the pool?  Relax... no-one's here to be bothered.  And it's raining anyway.  Besides, the building equipment drowns it all out anyway.

You, a mere day visitor, want to use the kayaks reserved for guests of the resort???  No worries... no charge... no-one else is going to use them.  As long as you don't mind the rain.

Despite the setbacks, we had loads of fun together.  And with some clever crafty purchases at the variety store the children could be occupied for hours while the two of us played network computer games.   Uninterrupted.


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Raeline said...

So pleased you had fun, even though things were closed down for the off season.