Tuesday, 14 January 2014

5 family traditions I really miss

I'm not a very self-aware person. I takes me a long time to work out what I don't like or what I do like or what I am missing or that I really am bored with counting fruit flies (it took 2 whole months to work this out... I'm sure most of you would've got it sussed in... maybe... 2 minutes).

It is now almost twenty years since I first moved out of home.  I have put my finger on five traditions I really miss.  We didn't have many; we weren't a very organised family.  But here they are:
  1. Sunday morning tea at Grandma's after church.
  2. Beginning each birthday by clambering into bed for cuddles with Mum; squeezing between brother or sister; fidgeting around until there was room. Somehow beginning like this made birthdays so special. I even miss the grumbly rumblings from Dad who generally slid out the other side and disappeared.
  3. Saturday pizza nights.
  4. Charades on Christmas eve (and even the inevitable Christmas shopping row).
  5. Arriving ten minutes late for church every week.  I don't know how we did it.  It involved lost keys, lost glasses, lost handbags, lost shoes, lost sleep, lost sheep (that was us)...  The first time Dad lead a service he had no idea how to begin!
They're not very profound, I know.  And 'traditions' is a bit of a glorified word for it...   But they've been heavy on my heart and are part of many great and treasured memories.


Anonymous said...

Love this Rachael! I'm guessing most families "traditions" are not very intentional, thought through or educationally sound. I think what really counts long term is whether they're experienced in the context of a secure, loving, God honouring family.

Deb said...

Now I'm curious about what family "traditions" (maybe they would better be called "habits"??) have taken the place of these, with you and your kids. Have you already posted about that?