Tuesday, 2 July 2013

a long way home

These children were on the way home from school when I took this photo this afternoon. They are there off in the distance somewhere.   Although it is one and a half kilometres from here to the school, these children are not even half way home yet. Some of these leave home while it is still dark and won't get home until dark. The local school used to provide boarding for primary schoolers but now, since the high-school has grown, there is no room for primary school boarders. Their only option, if they want to go to school, is to walk to and from each day.

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Glen said...

I measured it in the truck on Sunday: about 5km from here to the village, plus 1.5km to the school. So 6.5km each way!

That's quite a walk for infants and primary aged kids, but they have a lot of fun on the way and they'll be very fit!