Wednesday, 17 April 2013

statistics on violence against women in Vanuatu

Last year I wrote a little (here) about my observations of how women are treated in Vanuatu.  Over the years, I have heard of quite shocking statistics but have never been sure of their validity or their source. Now research has been carried out and published that confirms that abuse of women is definitely a BIG problem here in Vanuatu.  It is one all of us here need to work on.

Here are some statistics.

The percentage of "ever-partnered women" who reported violence from their partners...

 physical violence in the last 12 months 33%
 physical violence in their life 51%*
 sexual violence in the last 12 months 33%
 sexual violence in their life 44%
* Out of those that report violence; 90% report severe violence defined as punched, kicked, dragged or beaten repeatedly, choking and burning, or hit with a weapon such as a piece of wood, iron bar, knife or axe.

The percentage of...

 women who reported experiencing physical domestic violence while pregnant 15%
 girls reporting experience of sexual abuse before 15 years of age 30%

The statistics come from research by the Vanuatu Women’s Centre in partnership with the National Statistics Office and AusAid and NZAid. You can see more details here.


Anonymous said...

The statistics are horrific!

Raeline said...

Sorry Rachael, I did not mean to "be Anonymous"

Rachael said...

Yes, they are quite bad.