Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Easy Self-Portraits

Here’s a great way for your children to produce a self-portrait. It’s easy and it’s effective.

I found the idea here on the site, Spittin Toad.

First you take a photo, then using an editing program change it into a “sketch”. Spittin Toad recommends “Picnik” but that site didn’t load for us so I used Picture to People*. Then you print it out. Spittin Toad recommends lightening it first and then printing onto water colour paper. We didn’t lighten (there wasn't much detail on the faces probably because the background was so textured and colourful; a plain background would probably be better) and just used ordinary A4 paper.

Then the children have to highlight the picture. They choose which lines to draw and how to shade. Then they colour with water colours (works best if printer and pen ink don’t run).

Here are their efforts:

It was a great introduction to portraiture. They didn’t have to worry about shape or proportion but could concentrate on line, light and shadow.

Thanks Spittin Toad!

* Note that you will need to save your picture as a jpeg file and crop it so that it is less than 1200 x 1200 and smaller than 200kb.


Spittin-Toad said...

Nice job...They turned out wonderful!!

Rachael said...

Thanks Denise... and thanks again for the concept.