Wednesday, 25 July 2012

the nit comb to end all nit combs

The only one worth having, see it here.

Be warned: do not attempt to use in dry hair.  Use in wet, conditioned hair only.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A couple of firsts

Last Friday we gave Lachlan his first hair-cut.

The first hair-cut is an important celebration in Vanuatu.  Traditionally, birthdays mean little but markers of growth and maturity mean a lot.  For example, a teenage boy here recently built his first house.  It is a traditional style hut, possibly a bush-kitchen, I am not sure, but in building it, 'he has proved himself to be a man'.  Similarly, Loki is no more considered a baby, but a small boy.

Well we don't know exactly how the first hair-cut is celebrated, but we organised food, invited some friends over and had a good time together.  I do know that the child's 'uncles' (the mother's brothers) are important in this celebration, but in their absence we asked Glen's cousin, who is a hairdresser and was visiting, to do the haircut.  I had a lovely time.

As it happened, Matthew's first tooth fell out the same morning.  So, half way through the celebration, when Loki had gone to sleep (he is, after all, only a small boy) Matthew took the place of honour, cut the cake, and we celebrated the fall of his first tooth!

Hopefully I can update this soon with some photographs.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

2 website reviews

For school recently, Sophie and Bethany have learnt to write a review. Here are their reviews of some websites they visited.  Disclaimer: our internet is heavily filtered so some of the bells and whistles websites have to make them interesting don't work for us.  That may be relevant!

Magic Ballerina: a website review

by Bethany Connor, aged 8 (just)

You can visit this website here.

It is a website that you will enjoy.

I like it because it is about the magic ballerina books and they are interesting and fun. It also has games such as printable sheets to make, and you can dress up a ballerina. It is also very easy to navigate.

But I think it is bad because it takes too long to load and you are only able to read a little of the Magic Ballerina books.

I recommend it to girls aged seven to nine. They will enjoy it.

The Emily Rodda Website

A website review by Sophie Connor, aged 10 (almost)

Did you know that Emily Rodda’s real name is Jennifer Rowe? Emily Rodda is her Grandma’s name.

Emily Rodda is a famous Australian children's author and her website has information about her and the many book series she has written.  It is easy to navigate with four headings at the top and isn’t confusing.

Unfortunately that is all I have good to say about it. There is nothing on it to do and it doesn’t give a plot summary of each book only of the series. The website is boring (even the biography has no pictures) and it hasn’t been updated since September 2011. I cannot help saying that I am a bit disappointed. This website is obviously for adults which is sad because generally children like her books more.

One of the four headings at the top says ‘profile’ if you click it you go to a place were there are a few interesting facts such as Emily Rodda’s name is actually Jennifer Rowe. Or that she lives in the Blue Mountains just like me (when I’m in Australia)!