Monday, 12 November 2012

not quite what I'm looking for, but close

I thought I would have to design it myself.  But it seems it is already out there.  Here is a rubbish-free lunch box produced by Nude Food Movers.  One container.  No glad wrap, no snap-lock bags: no packaging required.


But.  I can't see that you can put un-cut fruit like apples, oranges and pears inside as the sections don't look big enough.  I don't want another container and I don't want the fruit rolling around in the bag, squished and dirty by lunchtime.

Do you know of a lunch-box on the market that fits the criteria below?
  • everything in one container only (except for drink bottle)
  • no rubbish generated in packing the lunch box
  • separate sections for a sandwich and snacks
  • room for uncut fruit such as apples, oranges and pears
Could you design one?  We could probably print it ourselves on those fancy new 3D printers.


Alice K said...

Hi Rachael, I have just started using these lunch boxes for school lunches. You are right that they probably won't fit uncut fruit. Maybe a small apple, but thats about it. I tend to cut it and put it in the containers which keeps it pretty fresh anyway and is a bit cleaner to eat (at my sons school they eat lunch in the classroom). He enjoys not having any rubbish and they also come with a skin (made out of a wetsuit like fabric) which I slip an ice brick inside of to keep things extra fresh during the warmer days. Hope you can find something that works for you. Oh also, Tupperware make good sandwhich boxes which snap shut and then you could put it with the uncut fruit in a little esky bag...just a thought. goodluck!

Rachael said...

Thanks for your suggestions Alice. This is all a bit theoretical for me at the moment because I'm not going to buy anything new before the end of the year. But I will keep all this in mind for next time we come back.

Erin said...

A couple of my kids at work have these lunch boxes It has a big bottom layer that would hold most uncut fruit (maybe not a large orange) and compartments on the top. I think you can get them at Big W?
The other option is to have a look in Asian shops as they often carry some amazing compartment lunch boxes (sometimes called Bento Boxes)