Thursday, 11 October 2012

birds birds birds

At the moment we are house-sitting in a back street of Blaxland in the Blue Mountains.  The property does not back onto the bush but is beautifully but haphazardly gardened with portions of "bush" left un-tamed and un-landscaped.

We have seen so many birds!

Kookaburras, Magpies, Crimson Rosellas, Rainbow Lorikeets and Sulfur-Crested White Cockatoos are around in abundance.  But this is nothing special.  They're all a dime-a-dozen up here in the mountains.

The Wattle birds are a little more unusual and the King Parrots have been special.

The Satin Bowerbirds (male and female) have been a real treat and have the most curious song which I have never heard before.

And the Lyrebird!  I have seen these in the bush but to see one in a suburban back yard was delightful!  I have mentioned it to the neighbours and they all know these lyre birds (they are a pair) and can track their progress down the street, staying first in one person's yard and then another.  

But my greatest boast is finding the Satin Bowerbird's bower!  Can you believe it!  I wasn't even looking for it but heard the call of the bird as I was out walking one evening and ducked down to have a look inside a bush by the side of the road and there was the bower.  A large nest of sticks spread on the ground with the boughs of the bush forming a cozy and secluded little haven.   The next day is was complete with a blue peg!

Don't you think it quite astonishing that a Bowerbird should construct its little home on the ground right next to the road?  And that leads me to another curious point: I have not seen one cat in the neighbourhood what-so-ever.  I am convinced the two are related.

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Raeline said...

What a beautiful location. Yes, no cats and many birds certainly DO have a great connection. We have noticed it here at Yenda also. Of course we do not have the variety of birds but we have found the birds we have are in abundance.