Thursday, 6 September 2012

sandwich bag dilemma

To all experienced school Mums and Dads,

How do you pack sandwiches for school?

Do you use sandwich bags?  Do you throw them out each time or wash and re-use?

Do you use glad-wrap to keep sandwiches fresh?  Does it annoy you that this just creates rubbish as well?

How else does one keep sandwiches fresh?

Lots of containers?

Looking for answers.


Jenni Smith said...

Hi Rachel, it's refreshing to be reminded from your perspective of how wasteful we are in Australia re superfluous packaging.
I buy the cheapest sandwich bags (I think the kids found them easier than unwrapping plastic wrap) and used lunch boxes. I didn't bother washing sandwich bags, just the lunch boxes.
Although I recall in the 70s, washing the plastic bags that bread came in, as you couldn't buy plastic bags, and we reused them. I don't bother these days.
The bigger issue for me was all the individually wrapped foods and drinks that are targeted for school lunches, e.g. chips, yoghurt, fruit and muesli bars, even cheese sticks - so wasteful and so expensive.
How are the girls enjoying going to school?

Amy Perkins said...

I make sandwiches twice a week and freeze them. Then they are kept fresh and it saves me time in the morning before school. They are thawed by lunchtime. For this reason I use glad wrap, then into a lunchbox. Welcome back!

Alice Kristovskis said...

Hi Rachel, I use greeseproof paper to wrap the sandwich and put it in a lunch box or lunch bag (like an esky bag). Many schools are trying to decrease the amount of rubbish used and so are trying to encourage waste-free lunches anyway. The greaseproof paper keeps it fresh as long as there isn't anything wet (like a drink or washed fruit that hasn't dried properly) in the lunch box next to it. I hope they are adjusting well. ASlice x