Sunday, 22 July 2012

A couple of firsts

Last Friday we gave Lachlan his first hair-cut.

The first hair-cut is an important celebration in Vanuatu.  Traditionally, birthdays mean little but markers of growth and maturity mean a lot.  For example, a teenage boy here recently built his first house.  It is a traditional style hut, possibly a bush-kitchen, I am not sure, but in building it, 'he has proved himself to be a man'.  Similarly, Loki is no more considered a baby, but a small boy.

Well we don't know exactly how the first hair-cut is celebrated, but we organised food, invited some friends over and had a good time together.  I do know that the child's 'uncles' (the mother's brothers) are important in this celebration, but in their absence we asked Glen's cousin, who is a hairdresser and was visiting, to do the haircut.  I had a lovely time.

As it happened, Matthew's first tooth fell out the same morning.  So, half way through the celebration, when Loki had gone to sleep (he is, after all, only a small boy) Matthew took the place of honour, cut the cake, and we celebrated the fall of his first tooth!

Hopefully I can update this soon with some photographs.

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