Tuesday, 5 June 2012

how we made a pinhole viewer

Here are some easy to follow photos showing how we made a pin-hole viewer, as mentioned here.

We followed (and slightly modified) the method from here.

What you need:
  1. a cereal box
  2. scissors
  3. baking paper
  4. masking tape or packing tape
  5. thumb tack (drawing pin)
  6. aluminium foil
  7. black T-shirt

What you do:
  1. Cut a flap in the bottom half of a cereal box as shown in the picture below.

  2. Cut a strip of baking paper the same size as the base of the box and tape it on the inside of the box, about 5cm from the base.

  3. Use the drawing pin to make a hole in the middle of the base of the box.

  4. Tape up the flap.

    We found that just masking tape wasn't enough to block out the light so we cut strips of aluminium foil or cardboard to go over the edges before covering those with masking tape again.

  5. Cut off the flaps at the top of the box and cut a curve in the edge. This is the viewing end and will be held over your eyes.

  6. Have a good look around outside on a sunny day! Everything is up-side down!

  7. Here comes our modification.  Tape the bottom of a black T-shirt around the viewing end of the box. We went over the masking tape with packing tape as it is stronger.

  8. Push your head through the head-hole of the T-shirt so it is on the inside of the T-shirt.

  9. Hold the viewing box up to your eyes as before.

  10. Have an even better look around outside on a sunny day! You can even see everything in colour.

As you can tell, I was pretty excited by this project. So easy to make and it worked so well.

Hoping for a sunny day tomorrow for the "Transit of Venus"!

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