Tuesday, 19 June 2012

how old?

Me: Guess how old I will be tomorrow? Matthew: Umm, 20? Me: Older. Matthew: 26? Me: Older. Matthew: 27? Me: Older. Matthew: 28? Me: Older. Matthew: 69? Me: Younger! Matthew: Sixty-Zero? Me: Younger. Matthew: Hmmmm... 41? Me: Younger. Matthew: Oh, I know, I know, thirty-ten! Me: Thirty-ten is forty, and I'll be younger than forty. Matthew: [thinking hard] 31? Me: Older than 31 and younger than 41.... We went on and he eventually guessed correctly. But that's all you need to know. Older than 31 and younger than 41. Praise God, I'm still in his hands.

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Nicole said...

happy birthday for tomorrow! :)