Tuesday, 29 May 2012

so different

I have one daughter who carefully folds her clothes.  She stacks them neatly in piles on her shelf; newly folded things go to the bottom of the pile.  Even the intimates are folded neatly in a row; newly washed ones put to the back and the rest shuffled forward. Each morning she takes the clothes on the top of the pile to wear.  It doesn't matter what colour or what style.  Any T-shirt goes with any skirt.  This way, she says, everything is worn evenly.

My other daughter doesn't have neat piles on her shelf.  It's rather a jungle in there.   She selects clothes according to their colour and style.  If they don't match, she won't be seen.  She couldn't care less if some long forgotten article of clothing never gets worn.  In fact, when she discovers one of those, she quietly passes it on to a friend.  When Mum sees said friend walking around in daughter's clothes and politely questions that said daughter, she says; "I was hoping you wouldn't notice Mum, I know how hard you worked to make me something nice."


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