Friday, 18 May 2012

collapsible toddler barrier

Would someone invent this for me please?

It must be made of strong but light material.

It must expand and lock into the lower portion of a door frame (or similar space) so that it acts as a secure and safe barrier for toddlers.  

It must collapse into a size suitable to carry around as an easy attachment to an ordinary nappy-bag.

It could be used in all sorts of places... church, friend's places, grandparents... the sorts of places whose occupants have forgotten or had no experience of the wandering yet speedy toddler.

It would bring peace of mind to the frazzled parent and perhaps enable them to have a decent conversation.  For once.

Perhaps it has already been invented.  Let me know.


Raeline Connor said...

Nick seems to think A. Zeta has one. I'll ask.

Anonymous said...

From memory, ours was wood, and a bit heavy to carry round. Same thing with Al rods???


Rachael said...

We had one that was wood, too. Yes it was heavy and it also wasn't collapsible. I've seen all sorts of cleaver, lightweight barriers and gates that are great to have in the house and can be moved from place to place in the house, but are not collapsible.

I'm looking for something that can sit around in the bottom of my nappy-bag for when it is needed, without my being annoyed by how much room it takes up. That's the sort of portability I want.

Aluminium might be light enough to carry... but depending on the design might not be strong enough.

Margaret Richards said...

What about a roll of masking tape. We have taped a square around our oven and taught the children from very young that they can't cross it. It takes a bit of effort in training but it does work. It might not stick to dirt though if you were out and about.

Rachael said...

Ah, that is a good idea, but won't work as he would learn quickly who enforces the rules and who doesn't. It needs to be fail-safe when with those who won't.

Little Em said...

Answer: Me! Not sure about the collapsible part though..

Tom Richards said...

I'm picturing a net with clamps (kind of like cool little rock climbing devices). I want one.