Saturday, 26 May 2012

but that's not fair

Anyone who is the eldest child will share this grievance.

Younger siblings are always allowed to do things at earlier ages than the eldest.
That's not fair!  I had to wait until I was ten to do that!  You always let them do things that I wasn't allowed to do!
Well as a parent I have finally come to understand why this is so.

Tonight we were at a community gathering.  I let my daughter go and sit outside with her friends.  Then I let my five year old follow her and sit with them.  It occurred to me that I never would have let my eldest, or even the second born do that at five.

And echoes filled my mind.
Not fair! Not fair! Not not not fair!
No my child, it isn't.  But if you'd had a ten year sister like you, I'd have let you do it too.


Raeline said...

A very tactful reply, Rachael. Well done!

David McKay said...

Our parents also let our children do stuff they wouldn't have let us do.

Grandchildren get away with heaps!

Tom Richards said...

Very Good, Rachael - that's great. Really, it’s a privilege to be a bid sibling.