Wednesday, 23 May 2012

another visit to the clinic

Yesterday Lachlan climbed out of his cot and fell headfirst onto a toy truck.  He split his head open.  We heard the crash and ran.  He was standing, his hand on his forehead, shocked.  Blood was running down the side of his face and dripping onto the floor.

Once it was cleaned up, it didn't look so terrible.  No stitches.  It was dressed at the local clinic.

It could've been worse.

We are very thankful to God that it wasn't.  Lessons learnt.


Anonymous said...

Jenni one morning at 9 fell and hit her forehead on the edge of a 4 gallon drum of fuel. It bled and bled - every time I took my hand off it it stated again. Bill was away, of course - he could have stitched it. A TTI teacher said he'd stitch a man's leg, but not a whte girl's forehead. It was before the road came to the point, and Bill had our launch. Eventually someone found a village laaunch which had fuel and the engine worked, so we set off for Neafu, which was as far as the road came. By this time it was getting on for 4pm, but every time I let go, it started bleeding again. Someone at Neafu drove us to the French Hospital, where we found a nun who was a trained nurse. So I let go of the forehead.....and no more blood came out. So she put a butterfly plaster on, and we turned round and went home the same way. She still has a tiny scar if you know where to look for it.

Love, Sue. Glad Lachlan is OK.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you have 3 older siblings life outside the cot is just so much more interesting!
So glad he's OK!


Little Em said...
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Little Em said...

Poor Lachlan! ;( Hopefully it won't scar.
When I was three the metal meat safe at home fell on me. Luckily it was empty but I still have a tiny little scar just near my jugular where it cut me! (Did I spell that right?) Dad heard the crash and found just my fat little legs sticking out from underneath.. Sadly, no stitches to add to the story. I don't know why I told you that story. But, I survived!