Tuesday, 10 April 2012

bible reading notes for primary schoolers

Can anyone help?  (Where've I heard that before?)

Can anyone recommend bible reading notes that they have used with success with primary school children who are fluent and avid readers?  Notes that encourage them to develop good habits of reading and reflecting on God's word.

We have used XTB in the past.  They were faithful and exciting but the activities could be completed without the child actually reading the text of scripture itself.

We have some books in a series called Discover 4 Yourself by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt which teaches inductive bible reading.  They look fantastic but are still a little out of reach for our eldest (9).

We have tried one or two other things but with little success.

Can you recommend anything?


Wendy said...

Rachael, our son (age 9) has just started using the CEP REAP journal, it has a set of readings to do and just a page to fill in for each day: the passage, what it means, apply it and a prayer. All the work is done by them. He brings it to me each time to check he is on the right track, but it is definitely making him think about what the bible means. He had moved beyong XTB, and was finding it was too easy (and fast). This is taking him close to 20-30 mins at a time and he finds it challenging, so we may do it in chunks rather than always (we had a break to do other stuff over Easter). See online sample here - http://www.reapjournal.com.au/

It is essentially some intro notes and then 365 pages to fill in.

That might be a possibility.


Anonymous said...

It won't be especially creative or flashy, but is there any point in coming up with a set of standard questions that she can use - along the lines of the old SU Bible Study method - simple questions like -

Who (are the characters in the passage)?,

When (does the passage occur in God's Big Plan to Save His People)?,

What (is happening)?

Where (is it happening)?

How do you feel reading this passage and why?

Why do you think God included this passage in the Bible? or similar...
What does the passage teach us about God, Jesus, people, life, or the world?

What do you think is the Big Idea or Important verse(s) in the passage and how do you know this?

Do you have any questions about the passage?

Is there a promise, a truth, a reminder or a warning to remember or a command to obey?

Is there a verse in the passage that'd be good to memorise?
Or, could you draw a picture/diagram, write a poem or song, to help you remember what you've read?

Pray about the passage - is there
something to say sorry to God for?
something to thank him for?
something to ask him to do (for you and/or for others)?

Maybe get a special exercise book for Personal Bible Reading and Prayer.
I guess you'd need to help her get the hang of it for a while, and maybe break up the Bible book into manageable chunks, but you'd be investing time in teaching her to read the Bible for herself, and how to find answers to her questions.
Maybe start with a fast moving gospel like Mark or Luke.

PS - I'm still using Craig DesJardins Bible reading plan and I think it's great!


Nicole said...

Hi Rachael,

Jacob recently started on 'Discover' Bible notes by the Good Book Co. The promo stuff says it's aimed at teenagers, but it's been a good fit for him. He's been really enjoying them and they seem to be challenging him...


Rachael said...

Hi Wendy and Nicole,
Thanks so much for those suggestions. We'll definitely follow them through.

Hi Alison,
It's a good idea. I've tried something similar for church to try and get the children concentrating and thinking about the sermon. It's worked (for the eldest) when the sermon is in English... but that isn't very often.