Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Australia or Vanuatu?

In this piece of writing, Sophie (9), discusses whether she would like to live in Australia or Vanuatu.  It's interesting to hear her perspective....

Our Mum and Dad are missionaries are we're allowed to choose whether we fly to Australia or Vanuatu.

There are many enjoyable things about living in Australia.  People are careful on the road because there are lots of fast cars on the road.  It is quick and easy to go to town.  Usually the stores have what you need.  There are lots of heated swimming pools so when you want to have a swim you had have one.  There are lots of fantastic foods.

There are some difficulties about living in Vanuatu.  Children run and play on the road!  It is hard to find transport because the roads are awful!  Things aren't so easy to find in the stores; often there won't be the thing you are looking for for weeks!  There aren't so many swimming pools and the few there are, are in very expensive hotels.  The foods aren't too lovely and they keep running out!

However, there are also many disadvantages to living in Australia.   Children who can't ride a bike on the road can't ride a bike at all.  There isn't much room to run around and you can only ride inside a car with a tight seatbelt on.  It's hard to visit friends who aren't in the block without driving.  You have to drive to church.

There are also great things about Vanuatu.  Children can ride bikes anywhere (when they can get them!).  There's lots of space to run around and you can ride on the back of trucks!  It's easy to walk to visit friends not on the block and it's easy to walk to church!

As for me, I'm still undecided about whether to go to Australia or Vanuatu.

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