Monday, 26 March 2012

simmering in my brain

here are some titles for posts I intend to write soon, when I can manage it, if I ever do

* exposition angst
* 4w for prayer
* back from the grave
* why I hate the princess cult
* epiphany
* romance or arranged: the best way to get married


Jean said...

Ooh, I like the sound of those... :)

Raeline said...

It sounds like we will have some interesting reading.

Alison Blake said...

So many ideas - so little time, so hard to prioritise! Alison

Wayne Connor said...

Romance or arranged... I've just preached on Eph 2 and it struck me that romance can be based on works (what the person does to make me feel good) but arranged must be based on grace (I'll love this person irrespective of who they are). So romance eventually needs to take the step to grace (I'll love this person irrespective of how they make me feel) a marriage based on works doesn't' work.

I was trying to explain to Joel how it works here and he thought the Vanuatu was was much simpler!

Rachael said...

So I don't need to write the post anymore...

I agree with Joel. I think it is much simpler, but not without fault (as he could well tell you).

Rachael said...

That is I think that genuine arranged marriage is much simpler, though not without fault.