Friday, 16 March 2012

it's not hypothetical

I really would like some songs to fit those criteria.

We had a night here recently called "learning new songs".  Everyone is pretty much fed up with the same dozen or so choruses that have been sung since age immemorial and so a night for learning new choruses was included in the program.

Only it was difficult to find new songs that are not complicated.  Lyrics, tunes, rhythm, chords: all complicated.

Of the ten songs that were chosen, we learnt five.  Some worked better than others.  This was a few weeks ago now.  It was a great night.  They were good songs and we all really enjoyed singing them.  And I think over time we'll learn them... especially as there is time set aside each week for practise.

But it got me thinking about songs we could sing without words and music (which we either can't read or can't carry around with us) which we could learn in one sitting.  This would be great for teaching when students go into villages.  Songs which could be passed on easily.


Wayne Connor said...

All that sounds fine, all those criteria are good except for the 'unsyncopated'. I can't recall an unsyncopated song in Australia for probably 20 years! On the beat songs are so not our musical style they wouldn't go down well here. They suit more acapella or organ, not drums or guitar else they sound boring. You might have to get a local person to write or re-write some!

Maybe 'The gospel song' from sovereign grace?

Is vanuatu really that plain - I know in church they are, but string band songs are syncopated?

When I look at our nightchurch song list they are ALL syncopated and complicated, I don't' think any of them would work in Vanuatu, except maybe 'How great is our God' it is only 4 chords repeating over and over, but even Joel took a while to work out WHEN the chords change as they don't change at the end of each verse. So that's 0 or 1 out of 18 that would work over there! I'll have a think.

Amazing Love
Ancient of Days
Blessed be your name
God of Wonders
He is Holy
How Great is our God
How Deep the Father's Love
In Christ Alone
Is this the King
Jesus Messiah
Lead me to the Cross
Let your Kingdom Come
Mighty to Save
My Redeemer Lives
Rock of Ages
This Kingdom
When I survey

Rachael said...

Yes I know they are all syncopated. And when we try them here, we sing on the beat.

They don't have to be plain just because they are not syncopated. They don't have to be boring just because they are not difficult.

In the same way that great teachers make things seem simple, surely great song writers could write great songs and music that are simple to sing and play.

Rachael said...

How great is our God was one of the songs we did on our "learning new songs night". Bethany walks around singing the chorus (or is that the bridge?).

It would've worked if it was shorter. It is just too much for us to learn off by heart.

Songs are made more interesting here by harmony, which people will improvise. Even the simplest songs will be more beautiful with harmony.

The reason my original post was "calling all songwriters" instead of "calling all friends to look through their songbooks" was because I know (actually I just suspected, but you have confirmed it) there are none suitable.

Rachael said...

Yes string bands do syncopation, but we don't have string band accompaniment in all our many and varied meetings. Just a guitar or two, if we're lucky.

Rachael said...

At least I think they do syncopation. Ask Joel.