Thursday, 15 March 2012

Calling all songwriters

Here's a challenge.

This is what I want.  I want songs...

  • with lyrics that can be learnt by ear (not all of us can read, and some of us read very slowly) and in one sitting.  This might mean that they are short or that they make good use of repetition (but not repetition that makes us bored).
  • with rhythm that is not syncopated (we end up singing on the beat anyway).
  • with tune that is not difficult (we want to sing them, not listen to others do it for us).
  • with accompaniment that your average Joe Blog guitarist can play (we don't like whipping out the chord chart for every second line).
  • that bring glory to Christ and joy to the heart.

Is that too much to ask?


Jean said...

Sounds good to me! Can you do one for blog-writers now? 'Cos I could do with one of those.

Wayne Connor said...

I just search through our entire music folder. Nothing!

Anonymous said...

From my position of total cluelessness about music and your problems with words and music, let alone my appreciation of Bislama culture - nevertheless - is there any worth in singing some old hymns?
The good ones like To God be The Glory, Great Is Your Faithfulness, Amazing Grace, and other Wesley, Watts, Newton hymns .
I appreciate that we can sing them without music and words here, largely because we have enough people for whom they're part of their Christian heritage, but would they work cross culturally?
Or maybe some of the songs off Colin Buchanan's "Real Hope " CD - would they just require a guitar, some chords and a confident lead from a singer?

All sounds very difficult!


Rachael said...

Hi Alison,

Our services are full of lovely old hymns, in Bislama, in four part harmonies. Wonderful.

Butt I am after other songs that can be sung before church and at other meetings so that people don't have to cart their hymnbooks around with them.

And because we don't want to cart books around, I'm after songs that are short enough to learn quickly, after singing through half a dozen times. This rules out hymns, just because of their length. But I'm after something for a different purpose

Amy Perkins said...

Not sure if this fits the criteria, but 'Highest Place' by Mark Peterson? It isn't too long and very repeatable. Great lyrics too.

Wayne Connor said...

Highest Place is a great song but it is VERY syncopated! Even some of the oldies here have trouble getting the timing right. And the guitar chords are not memorable and quite complicated.