Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Yumi stadi long buk ya Mak - 4

Blong dowlaodem stadi ya (fo pej evriwan):

  • Klik long raet saed blong maos long pej ya antap. Nao klik long toktok ya "download linked file" mo bae stadi ya i download i go long komputa blong yu.
  • Narafala rod: yu prestem "command" mo klik long pej ya antap mo bae stadi ya i open long wan niufala pej long internet browser blong yu, mo afta yu save "save" o "print".


Alison Blake said...

I'm interested to know how women at Talua (and further afield?) are responding to your studies in Mark's gospel??


Rachael said...

Hi Alison,

The women at Talua love sitting under the word of God. I have taught this course a few times and these are my class notes. They probably need more work for other people to use them, but I if I sit around waiting until that happens, they won't help anyone.

The study posts are getting more hits than other posts, but I've had no feedback to say who and why.