Monday, 9 January 2012

help with oiling a sewing machine

I've put a new belt into a singer 1507 sewing machine.

It works but it makes a big noise.

The noise seems to be come from somewhere along the shaft that is turned by the large cog that the belt rotates.  We think that some oil would probably fix it but are unsure about where to put the oil and don't want to wreck anything by putting oil where it shouldn't go.  The manual is no help.

Can you help?


Raeline said...

I guess you know that you put oil in the hole at the top of the wheel. I think the general rule is that you oil any part that is moving. Nick is wondering if there is a worn bearing.

Rachael said...

Yes we did put oil in that hole, it was the only place we were confident to put it. When I did my machine I put it everywhere (and it worked a treat) but this in not my machine and I'm more hesitant.

Glen discovered that the noise disappears when you go fast. I was only just pushing the pedal, the noise would start and I would stop. But if you keep going down on the pedal, the noise stops.

I checked with the owns and the noise was there before the belt broke, it's been there for a while.

How would I tell if it is a worn bearing?