Thursday, 12 January 2012

he can walk!

It's been two months since his first steps but finally he has mastered it. He is so excited.

Here is some video.

Try this (double-click on the picture):

or follow this link (this one definitely works).


Raeline said...

This one does not work Rachael but the one posted just after - at 3.40pm - works wonderfully. Thanks so much. The email works also.

Rachael said...

I thought this one was the latest one. Now I'm really confused!

Therese said...

Thanks for sharing, Rachael. I loved seeing it all, and Glen's commentary x

Rachael said...

You're welcome, T!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rachael, This one works. I am also confused.
Do not worry it is lovely. Can't stop watching as
Lachlan is just so excited. Thankyou.

Raeline said...

Sorry, anonymous is Raeline