Thursday, 26 January 2012

door knocking

Here's a post first written on this day last year when we were in Australia. Lachlan was almost two months old and we were getting ready to return to Vanuatu.

Today my eight year old daughter wanted to go door-knocking.

She was sitting quietly outside making crosses by tying two sticks together with string.  She was doing a good job, they looked cute and rustic.  I will keep mine.  I asked what they were for.  She said for giving to people.  I was surprised by how many there were.  She gave one to me, one to the baby and then ran out of people at home to give them to.

So she asked if she could sit outside the house and give them to people.  I said yes.  So she sat.  And she waited.  No-one came.

She asked if she could knock on doors and give them to people.  I said no, she was too young.

So she asked if she could make a poster.  Yes.  She did.  It said "Wooden crosses for free" and then she put our address and started out for the end of the street to put it up.

I explained that it was unlikely that people would walk a long way to come and get a cross.  She looked heart-broken.

We decided to print out John 3:16 on coloured paper and attach it to the cross. Then she put them in people's letter-boxes.

I was amused by her naivety.... to think that people would want a cross or that they'd be happy to be given one.

I was ashamed by my cowardice.  Why didn't I volunteer to go door-knocking with her?  Well I told myself it was because people would think I was using her to proselytise and they'd probably put me onto DOCS!  But was it just that I wasn't willing to go out of my comfort zone?  Was it just that I am gutless... that I don't spend as much time thinking about how to tell people about Jesus?  Was I put to shame by one who is only trying to do what she hears me talk about, to tell people about Jesus?

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