Tuesday, 10 January 2012

bush kitchen

Many moons ago I promised photos of our completed bush kitchen.  Well it was finished the day afterward so long ago that now it has a beautiful garden all around.  Elizabeth has done a wonderful job of the garden.

Here are some photos.

Can you recognise...
  • island cabbage
  • manioc
  • taro
  • yam
  • capsicum
  • paw-paw
  • beans
  • banana


Anonymous said...

Looks great Rach! I wish my vege garden was so lush. What sorts of things does Elizabeth cook for you all?
Julie xx

Rachael said...

Lots of simboro which is banana or yam grated and rolled in cabbages and boiled in coconut milk and salt. Healthier without the coconut milk but not as tasty.

Little Em said...

It looks lovely!