Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lemtap newe!

That's "Greetings" in the language of the people of Motolava, Vanuatu.

"Poko lu lang!" That's from Epi.

"Rani karia!" From Ambae.

"Pul pong wi!" From South Efate.

There are over 100 spoken languages in Vanuatu, with a population of just over 225 000. That's a lot of different languages.

This week, as part of their training, students at Talua are sitting a basic translation course run by SIL. There are 30 students in the course. There are about 20 indigenous languages represented!

The bible has been translated into only very few of the indigenous languages of Vanuatu. There is much work to be done. Interested?

You can follow translation progress in Vanuatu and the Pacific on Facebook here.

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