Thursday, 6 October 2011

building a bush kitchen

I've often thought about having a bush kitchen built for us. It's always seemed too extravagant. Too much to ask someone to go to all the effort of building one when I would only use it very occasionally. But now, with a baby to look after and two girls to school, and no more Emily, cooking is one thing I decided to delegate. My wonderful helper in the house, Elizabeth was happy to cook, but frightened of the gas stove. She and her husband have been busy building a kitchen so she can cook on the fire.

Here are some photos that show its progress.

Some students put in the posts first. Then Elizabeth and her husband did the rest. She has to make the thatch herself. Natagora Palm leaves are folded over a long piece of split bamboo and held into place with a small stick. The "stick" is actually the hardened mid-vein of the palm-leaf. The thatch doesn't stay green for long; it turns brown after a few days.

Then the thatch is nailed onto the roof-posts. OH&S would have a field day.

The walls are made with more split bamboo.

Photos of the finished building soon.

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