Friday, 9 September 2011

Which flower is this? (35)

This is a wattle (Acacia) tree, don't you think?

It's got the bundle of stamens that is typical of the wattle flower.

I tend to think of wattle trees as Australian trees and so was surprised to find this on the Lonnoc beach on the East Coast of Santo. 4-5m tall and obviously doing quite well in salty conditions. Here's a shot of the leaves:

Am I right? Is it Acacia? I forgot to check for seed pods. Does anyone know what species it is?

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Raeline Connor said...

I don't Rachael. They do not look like the wattle that we have around here.

Rachael said...

The leaves would be very different to wattle trees in Australia... leaves vary a lot even inside a genus (e.g. Acacia). But, if it is an Acacia flower, then it is an Acacia species, whether or not the leaves and general appearance of the plant look like wattle trees that we know.

That's what I'm wondering.

Christopher Taylor said...

but acacia leaves are technically not leaves but flattened stems. Does this make a difference to your classification?

Christopher Taylor said...

Actually, after zooming in on the leaf structure, the leaves do look like an acacia leaf.

Rachael said...

hmmm. An interesting comment. More to think about.