Friday, 2 September 2011

Thank you Emily

Emily came and stayed at Talua from February to August to be a ‘tutor’ or ‘supervisor’ for our daughter’s education this year.

She did a wonderful job and we are very sorry that she has now returned to Australia.

Thank you Emily.We miss you!

Here is some art-work that she did with our girls:

by Sophie

by Bethany

by Emily


Raeline Connor said...

Beautiful work girls. Love Grandma

Little Em said...

I miss you all too.
Thankyou. It's great to see the things that you are doing with Sonlight. It looks really fun and interesting ;)
P.S. You may be getting a call within the next couple of days about a job I've applied for.
P.P.S. How is Loki now? I hope he is getting better.
P.P.P.S. Hope you're not too tired?
Love Em

Rachael said...

Loki is much better. Much much better. Days are really good now. Nights are better too. Getting there.

Await the phone call, anxiously.

Little Em said...

I don't think that the phone call was ever made.. But I got the job ;)

Now I'm a part-time secretary at Wellington Christian School where Mum teaches. It's really good and I enjoy it a lot ;)

So glad to hear that Loki is better!! Dad always asks about him but I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to check your reply. Mum said to give you her love.

Give my love to everyone too.