Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sophie's Account

We were looking through some notebooks this morning and found Sophie's account of Lachlan's birth.

Our new baby was born when we were at school on Wednesday. Our Granny came to pick ups up in half time (lunch break). It was a long drive to the hospital. Our Mum was in room twenty eight, bed seven. Our new baby was so cute and he had purple around his mouth because he got a bit bruised. He got a bit bruised because he came out so quickly. His belly button cord was yellow and it looked a bit yucky. When we first changed his nappy there was nothing in it. He was wearing a gown which we took off and put on a singlet instead then we put the gown on top. Our Mum wants to wait for Daddy to give him a name

It's funny the thing one forgets and the things an eight year old records.

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