Sunday, 4 September 2011

PCV Assembly

Today the annual Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu was opened.  Assembly will meet all week and close next Saturday.

This year Assembly is meeting on the small island (Tangoa) just off the coast a few kilometres from us at Talua.  It has been a very busy time for the local community preparing to host this event.

Tangoa was the site of the former TAngoa Training Institute (TTI) which trained missionaries and teachers for Vanuatu for many years in last century.  It is therefore a very significant place in the history of the church.  Eventually TTI amalgamated with the Pastors training college (AuLUA) on Malekula.  The two colleges formed TA-LUA and moved across to the mainland, the current site.  We continue to train Pastors and Missionaries and there is some movement afoot to offer again some sort of theological training for (soon-to-be) school teachers.

Assembly is an important time for the Pastors and Elders of the church to make decisions about the future of the church.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for people, usually so far apart, to meet and encourage one another.  It is potentially very powerful.

Please pray that it will be.  Pray that Christ will be central to the work and mission of this church.  Pray for wisdom and for discussion that is gentle, respectful and that loves the truth.  Pray that decisions will be made that will bring glory and honour to God, not man.

Pray for those humble servants that have worked day and night to prepare accommodation and food for so many people.  Pray for those who will continue to work day and night this week to wash, prepare food and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Ask God to give them strength enough for each day.

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