Thursday, 18 August 2011

from all over the world

At the moment we're doing a unit about the world. It's sort of world history and it's sort of people and customs from around the world. As part of it we're making a collection of things from all over the world. Here are some things we found around our house that have come from other parts of the globe:

  • an ulu from Alaska, U.S.A
  • a china tea-cup from China
  • a carved wooden elephant from China
  • a woven mat from Turkey
  • a painted ceramic tile also from Turkey
  • fans from Vietnam and Japan
  • a painting of the Masai from Tanzania
  • soap-stone coasters also from Tanzania
  • postcards from Australia and Vanuatu
  • a bamboo flute from Ambrym, Vanuatu
  • a feather head-dress from Tanna, Vanuatu
We'd love to improve on our collection over the next few months. Perhaps you'd be happy to contribute some small unwanted trinket from overseas (or from your part of the world) that will teach us something about that part of the world. We'd be really grateful! But be warned: postage can be expensive. Make it something small, e.g. small trinkets, postcards, stamps, flags (the sort given away free in the paper on national days), small change, etc. Send them to me at PO Box 532, Luganville, Vanuatu.

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