Friday, 4 February 2011

I don't shave my legs.

There. Now you know.

Now you can heave a collective sigh of disgust.

I was reading someone's list* of the indicators that she is too busy...
You know you are too busy when:
  • you have not emptied your mailbox in three days.
  • you walk in the door and the dog growls at you because he doesn't recognise you.
  • you mumble, "Tomorrow night, Honey," for a week.
  • your pots and pans have cobwebs on them.
  • the guy at the drive-through window at Taco Bell knows you so well he's willing to loan you money.
  • your microwave prints a personal "Hi, Kay!" message on the screen.
  • you use your bathtub as a planter.
  • you stop shaving your legs - it takes too much time.

To be honest, I was surprised to read that last one. Is the not-shaving-of-legs that unusual? Must it only happen as a desperate last resort? Is the time spent shaving to be valued above so many other things?

It's not that I've been that busy for the last twenty years, it's just that I'd rather spend the time doing something else, even when I'm on holidays.

I suppose that makes me a social pariah.

Here's the "too busy" signal for me:
I know I'm too busy when I haven't washed my hair for so long, you can smell it!
What's yours?

* List (all examples from her life) by Kay Warren, in She can't even play the piano, by Joyce Williams.

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Caroline said...

I think that not shaving your legs is unusual these days, but my husband doesn't like the look of hairless legs, and mine aren't particularly hairy anyway, so mostly I don't worry about it.

But then I also sometimes think that it's not socially acceptable for women to have grey hair either, so sometimes wonder if people just think I'm a terrible frump.

(and I can relate to the hair washing thing too)