Wednesday, 2 February 2011

a day out with Bethany

Bethany's christmas present this year was a pledge to be taken out for lunch and a trip to the movies. She was so excited. It was to be her first ever trip to the cinema.

In the car on the way we chatted about what "Tangled" might be about. Here were her suggestions:
  • Mr Tickle (whose arms are tangled)
  • a ball of string
  • hair
  • fishing lines (an underwater adventure)
  • an enchanted forest with tangled vines
When we arrived at the cinema and bought the tickets she worked out which it was. Her excitement increased.

While we waited for the movie to start we went out for lunch and ate our favourite meal: lasagne.

Bethany commented that because she loves lasagne, likes to sleep and is lazy [sometimes], she therefore must be Garfield!

Then we went and saw the movie. She really loved it. I enjoyed being with her. She's delightful.

And now she's taken to informing the other children whenever they step slightly out of line to listen to Mum because "mother knows best"!!

My comments on the movie here.

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