Sunday, 13 February 2011

blog silence

There's many a silence on this blog.

Mostly they're self-imposed; an indication that life is too busy or I am too tired.

This time, however, it won't be.

Landlines have been down at Talua for a long time. The microwave tower that beams across the signal (yes, for the landlines) has been damaged and is yet to be repaired.

The satellite internet provider stopped providing our package and the next cheapest was double the cost. The college can't afford that.

Wimax internet also uses that damaged tower on the neighbouring island and so it will be a while before that can be set up and running.

Data services on mobile phones are prohibitively expensive.

So... we may arrive safely this evening, but I won't be able to let you know.

Don't assume there's been a cyclone, or an earthquake, or a tsunami.

It's just quiet here because technology, terrific as it is, needs lots of tender loving care or it throws itself on the floor, kicks its legs and screams silence.

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