Wednesday, 28 July 2010

some stories about Matthew

Matthew is growing. In his own words; "I am getting bigger but I am not big yet. I am only up to here."

He is speaking quite clearly now and putting his sentences together in English word order (unlike one of his sisters, who spoke Bislama first). He does have some quaint ways of saying things. He doesn't refer to Sophie and Bethany by their names but as "my sisters". If referring to only one, he will say, "My sister Bethany". He might say, "One sister is missing. Where is my sister Sophie?"

A few days ago he was insistent that Glen was his Daddy but not Sophie's Daddy because Sophie was not a boy and Daddy could only be a Daddy for boys because he also is a boy. Sometimes it is very difficult to argue with three-year-olds.

His red hair has become quite a talking point. Glen can't take him to town without half a dozen people stopping them and asking about it. They often ask if we've done something to it to get it that colour. The students will ask me where it comes from and when I say, 'from his Dad' they are quite surprised. That is, until Glen lets his facial hair get the better of him and then they can all see where the it comes from.

Last week, the children were looking after three small chicks which had been given to them on a visit to a village on the weekend prior. While giving them some time outside to scratch around in the grass, one sister fell over and, her knee landing on one unfortunate chick, accidentally squashed it to death. After a lot of howling, a burial, flowers, a plaque and even some speeches, the tears dried up and all was well again. Only Matthew wasn't convinced it was dead. He said,
"It's not dead yet. It has to believe in Jesus so it can go to heaven."
Apparently, only then it will be dead properly.