Wednesday, 6 October 2010

where's Glen?

Glen is over at the Bible College on Malekula this week. They are on the west coast straight across from the airport at Norsup.

He was asked to spend a week there teaching from the book of 1 Timothy. It will be a challenge for him as it will all be in Bislama.

Although we didn't expect to be in contact he has been able to ring and reports that everybody says they understand him. He is staying in a lovely island hut on the beach and it is quite beautiful. There is no running water. At each meal time, water is collected from the river and boiled.

We said goodbye last Saturday...

And look forward to his return this Saturday.

1 comment:

sb said...

Hoping that your week 'Glen-less' went quickly and that Sophie is enjoying her time with Grandparents.
Love, Susan.