Wednesday, 29 September 2010

blogs for young christian women

I'm thinking about introducing some of the female students here to the concept of blogging, with a view to encouraging and assisting them to set up a blog for young christian women in Vanuatu.

The internet is just beginning here, but no doubt it will take off quickly among the young and it would be good to have a christian witness present from the beginning.

As a first step I'm think I'll introduce them to some blogs to read. But as most of the blogs I read are of married women with children, the sample I'd provide would not be very broad!

So, over to you.

Can you recommend some blogs either written by or written for young christian women?

Don't worry about the culture difference, we can work with that. I want them to see young women like themselves thinking through how to live as a christian in today's world, and exhorting others to do the same.

Please help!


Hannah Blake said...

It may not quite be the sort of thing you're after, but a group of girls from ECU and I have a blog at the moment as part of a reading group we started. No idea how successful or how long-lived it will be, but you're welcome to check it out.

David McKay said...

G'day Rachael.
Does a bloke's opinion count?

I think Nicole Starling's blog is terrific. See

And Jean Williams' one is also tops.

Bron said...

I'd like to reinforce the above two blog recommendations. You could also try,

arthurandtamie said...

Christianity Today's women's blog is called Her.meneutics (cute, isn't it?). It's not written specifically for young women but is often relevant to that age group.