Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Bethany's Dance Party

It seems to be a favourite activity in correspondence school material to require the children to organise a party. It occurs in the first few weeks of Kindergarten, which was OK as for both Kindergarten years the girls organised a birthday party for Matthew, whose birthday fell in that week. That was in the name of learning about writing lists. This month Sophie has to organise a party and that will be OK too because it's her birthday this month.

Last week Bethany was learning about procedures: recipes, science experiments, instructions for things to make and do, rules for games... And, yes, she had to organise a party. She had to write out recipes for food, rules for any games and instructions for what would happen at the party. Believe me, this was quite a lot of writing for a six-year-old. And yet another party for a thirty-five year old.

So, we decided to have a family dinner party. It was, because it was Bethany, a dancing party. We had her favourite food: rice paper bundles and lemon juice. We had custard tart for dessert. We had read about this a while ago in a book and finally were able to enjoy one. It took three times as long as the recipe stated to cook, but in the end it set beautifully and was very tasty... and even better the next day, cold.

We had a lovely time, everyone enjoyed good food and great dancing.

Then, to top it all off, Bethany had to produce a poster of the party, including all the recipes (which, except for the custard tart, she wrote out from her own knowledge of what to do, rather than copying them) etc. It's probably the best piece of work she has produced yet. While organising a dance party isn't my cup of tea, it is certainly Bethany's. She really enjoyed every piece of this work, even the mammoth amount of writing it required.

Here's the poster:

Here are close-ups of the recipes:

Instructions for the party went:
  1. Dance
  2. Dinner
  3. Dance
  4. Dessert
  5. Dance
The custard tart recipe was from the common sense cookery book.

For close-ups of the photos on the poster, look here.


Raeline said...

Bethany, What a wonderful project. Such fun and a lot of work. Loved your poster. Mummy you are a britton.
Congratulations Bethany and Mummy.

We must try your recipes when I come to visit you, Bethany. Love Grandma

Mum said...

Thanks Rachael. The photos are great! Bethany certainly looks as if she's having a wonderful time and the dress looks lovely on her. She's done a good job with her poster.

joven said...

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