Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Animal Birthday Party

Sophie said that she had the best 8th birthday party ever. I'm so pleased because it was so simple, and it wasn't the sleep-over that she'd hoped for.

Here are some photos. The theme was animals. So the cake was a bear; actually a Mummy bear with her baby bear.

Everyone had to make an animal mask when they arrived.

We played a few, simple games and then had dinner together.

Then we sang happy birthday and "happy long life"...

...cut the cake, ate it...

... and watched portions of a wildlife video. Sophie and Bethany both did a great job of helping prepare for the party. It's lovely seeing them grow up!


Raeline said...

You sure did have a wonderful party, Sophie.

Loved your butterfly mask.

Raeline said...

The teddy bear turned out beautifully, Rachael. I was afraid the heat would have made the icing too soft.

Raeline said...

Your cat mask was great, Bethany.

Matthew seemed to be absorbed with everything.

Bron said...

Wow!! I can't believe that Soph is 8 years old!! That sounds so grown up! You did a great job with the cake. The icing looks amazing - well done!