Wednesday, 9 June 2010

praise God for antibiotics

I said in my last post that Matthew was very clingy the day his cousins left. He was also coming down with something. What it was we're not exactly sure, but it we think it was a serious chest infection, possibly pneumonia. He had a fever over 40 degrees, was breathing shallowly and very rapidly and had a racing pulse and a cough.

It was the second time in as many months that one of our children has developed a potentially fatal infection, yet the administration of antibiotics in both cases led to quick and complete recovery. It makes the serious seem relatively minor.

Since going to Africa in January, both my brother's wife and infant son have had malaria, but with treatment have also made full recoveries.

It makes one consider what life was like for those who lived a hundred years ago or more. There's an old mission station over on Malo, and standing on the coast looking out to sea are two small graves; the children of the missionaries who served there early last century. Missionary service was a different experience for such as these.

I can think of some grandparents who are mightily glad of antibiotics! Praise God.


Lucy C said...

Glad the ABs worked. Amazing stuff.
My little girl has a blood disorder that means malaria doesn't affect her. Perhaps God has missionary work in a malaria prone country in her future. We shall see.

Glenyss said...

I wonder if the grandparents of the Malo grave children knew about them or their illness before they died. I also praise God for aeroplanes and skype that give me better access to my grandchildren than those of previous centuries.