Thursday, 17 June 2010

more photos

Here are some more photos of our time with the Dubbo Connors.

Here are Sophie and Madeline.

There were some rather wonderful offcuts from the skylights that were installed which made really cool robots, tunnels and donuts. Lots of fun.

We enjoyed some time down at the reef together. Here is Wayne with his boys, Ben and Tim.

And here is everyone else playing in the rock-pools.

Some days we spent some time doing school work together. Here they are more happily (my children would say) employed, painting.

Here we are under the mango tree outside our house. A lovely space to sit and chat, especially when it isn't raining.

Here are the children in their good island clothes ready for church. This was a perfectly hideous photo shoot... this photo captures only a little of the angst!

Here's the lovely Emily.

Here are Ben and Tim enjoying the beautiful Champagne Beach.

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Bron said...

Great to see these photos! Can't believe how much the kids have grown up!