Wednesday, 9 June 2010

a lovely visit

We've just had a lovely visit from Glen's brother and his family.

They came with a group from their church to do some work at Talua and run a children's mission at Tata School. The rest of the group returned to Dubbo after two weeks but Wayne, Jill and the children stayed for another two weeks.

We really enjoyed their stay. The children all got along remarkably well, given there were eight in one two-bedroom house... even when it rained (which, for visitors from dry old Australia, was most of the time). Matthew and Laura were practically inseparable.

My three responded very differently to each other when they left. Sophie went out and hand-washed all our clothes; a job she had done with Madeline (also 7) just prior to their departure. Bethany promptly went outside and reacquainted herself with old friends and showed no sign of sadness what-so-ever. Matthew was very clingy, jumping up with every vaguely engine-like noise to say, "They're coming back!". Now he just keeps saying, "Tomorrow, we're going to Laura's house". Eventually that will be true.

We weren't great on the photo-taking front (I'll try and dig out some over the next few days), but here's one of all the children:

From left to right: Matthew (3), Tim (9), Emily (1), Laura (4), Bethany (5), Madeline (7), Sophie (7) and Ben (11).


Hannah Blake said...

You're back! Yay! Nice to see what's been happening. Was thinking recently about the days of youth group at Narellan with you guys... really doesn't seem that long ago! Good times. xx

Rachael said...

Good to be back and nice to have you drop by!

Well Hannah, it's not even ten years since those days at Narellan... but it seems worlds away... no children, in Australia...

Raeline said...

So beautiful to see the children together. It must have been the day the Dubbo lot were leaving as they all look a bit sad.

Rachael said...

It was just before they left, in that very bus. The sign Sophie is holding says "Good-bye Sophie, I love you, from Madeline". Bethany was pulling sad faces on purpose and Matthew was being difficult. That was the best of about fifty million shots taken.