Tuesday, 9 March 2010

my children are on the internet!!

Sophie and Bethany have been using the internet a little with school this year. They've been using an educational site that their school registered them for. It's quite a lot of fun: www.smartkiddies.com.au.. Their teacher sets certain exercises for them to do which re-inforce what they are learning in their lessons. There are also other drill-like activites for them to do. All in all it's been fun, educational and innocent.

But it meant that when Sophie came across a web address at the end of a book she was reading, she recognised it as a web address, and asked is she could look at the site.

I was thankful for these things:
  1. that she asked first!
  2. that it was this: www.flowerfairies.com
But at the same time I feel like a door has been opened into a world in which there are incredible dangers.

I'm also thankful that at the moment Glen is responsible for the network at Talua and that it has strong filtering at that level.

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