Tuesday, 16 February 2010

a healthy concept of self: beginning

I promised over here that I would "teach, change and re-orient my thoughts and my eyes onto what is good", regarding how we think about ourselves, and especially about our bodies.

Well, I have been doing lots of thinking, but not much writing. Hopefully that will change (but knowing me, it might not). Here's how I plan to write about this. I am, initially, going to think along two axes;

First, about what we know and what we see.

And second, about what we are and what we should be.

As always, your thoughts are welcome at any time.

Friday, 12 February 2010

happy birthday

We celebrated Glen's birthday yesterday.

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Baby Bilby

Here's a story Sophie wrote in the style of My Friend Whale, which I referred to here. She writes from the perspective of the mother.
I have a baby bilby and she has big ears. First we wake up and go out from our burrow. Next I go out to get fruit and berries to eat and then my baby goes out to play. Next we have lunch. Baby keeps playing. Then one day when I called her she didn't come so I went and looked for her but I couldn't find her. The same thing happened the next day. And the next day. Do you know what happened to my baby?

Now she just needs to draw the pictures. I think she's captured the plaintive tone quite well.


This last weekend we celebrated two beginnings here at Talua.

First of all, on Saturday evening, we held a launch for the Bachelor of Ministry program. After a long time in planning and development it was exciting to see this program finally begin. There is a group of eight students beginning the year together. Vanuatu really needs Pastors who have studied the scriptures deeply and who can think critically and apply scripture to the changing and confusing environment created by increasing secularism and the breakdown of village life.

Please pray for these students, that they would know God and his word and be able to teach and care for His flock in these changing times.

Second of all, Sunday saw the opening service for the year at Talua. This included the commissioning of two new staff members, Pastor Phillip and Father John.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

why whales?

Sophie is doing a unit of work at the moment entitled "before it's too late" based around the text "My Friend Whale" by Simon James. In the book, a small boy watches and plays with a whale. The reader learns lots about Blue Whales but at the end of the book the boy watches for, but never again sees, his whale friend.

The last double page of the book is an explicit anti-hunting message. The last paragraph goes:
We do not need whale meat.
We do not need whale bones.
We do not need whale oil.
We do need to care for whales.
We need to keep them alive and safe
in the oceans of the world.

Sophie read this and asked, "but why do we need whales so much?"

She has, insightfully, picked up the flaw in the argument. The argument against whaling is that we need whales, but there are no reasons provided to show why we need them.

As a basis for an argument, it failed to convince my seven-year-old.

So, does anyone know, ecologically, why the human being needs the blue whale? She would seriously like to know, and include it in her school work.

And for others to think about, how else would you argue this point? What would be a basis for an argument other than what we need?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


When I was young, my Mum used to sing a little ditty about the days of the week and the meal for each day. I don't remember it all but there was Roast Lamb on one day followed by Shepherd's Pie the next. There was Fish, probably on Friday, and Sue-oop on another day.

To make life simpler for us, I have instituted as similar sort of regime in our household. Here's ours:

MondaySpaghetti Bolognaise
TuesdaySavoury Mince with African Yam
WednesdayBangers and Mash
FridayTuna Casserole
SaturdayStew and Rice

Boring?? There's room for variation from one week to the next. They're all meals the children eat without complaint (except stew). It takes the "what shall I make for dinner?" question right out of my day, and makes it even easier to prepare a shopping list. In fact, I'm wondering whether I could put a weekly order in to the store and have a box of goodies all made up for someone to pick up!

And I'm looking forward to trying some new "one-pot" recipes sometimes on stew night.