Saturday, 16 January 2010

what we did yesterday

Here we are waiting at the station.

Here comes the train... was a long journey,

but eventually we arrived at Circular Quay,

and found a spot out of the rain for morning tea.

We were quite taken with the harbour.

We walked around The Rocks for a while and found our way up Argyle street and thence up Argyle stairs.

At the top of the Argyle stairs, we crossed the road and went up the Bridge stairs. We went right to the top, only to find ourselves faced with an awful lot of traffic. We retreated down some stairs and found the right path (along a green fence). Finally we began our walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We enjoyed great views all the way along. Here we are at the middle point of the bridge.

We made it all the way to Milson's Point and enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park under the pylons.

There was a great little playground where the children played after lunch.

They were getting tired!

After this we walked down to the wharf outside Luna Park. We watched a few rides (and felt sick) and then caught the ferry back to circular quay. We had to hurry to catch a train in order to make the next connection back up the mountains.

It was a lovely outing. Bethany had requested the walk across the Harbour Bridge and they have all been begging for a train ride. It was good weather and not harried, so lots of time for talking. It wasn't expensive as we only had to pay for the train and ferry tickets - you only have to pay for one child. Maybe in a few years we'll add in a few rides at Luna Park!

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Raeline said...

What a lovely family day.